6 06, 2017

I hope you can manage a visit from time to time…

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Welcome my imaginary friends to the redesign of the site.  Just what the web needed!

Welcome again, yes we have a redesign, with extra user interface action (in theory). Once again I hope to present the things that I find necessary.. work samples, artwork for clients then and now showing the best that I can muster.

 “It is my intention to add my bit to the world wide web, that although not unique… may be worthy of your attention.”

More than anything I want to share the art and images that I find worthy of a second look. To my friends and soon to be friends I again say “Howdy”! I am looking forward to putting the best that I can muster here. Or at least what I think is the best. Okay mebbe someone’s idea of craptastic but who cares.

So here we go… I want to thank all of my imaginary friend in the world wide web who viewed the first post and offered to give me… art lessons.

Interlink, you are a cruel mistress.

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