Uni-Watch Man

Here is a t-shirt concept for the Uni-Watch blog site.  A website that obsesses itself with the the obsession of things uniform. Sportswise that is.  Pointing out uniform oddities, rarities and downright uglies from the wide, weird world of sports merchandise.   We are living in a golden age of sports, literally, and the clothes & kitch they shill spill over to literally the entire real world. Ask any kid from Bolivia who sports a Carolina Panthers super bowl 50 championship shirt.

This artwork features a character that bears a striking resemblance, although a much hipper one I might add, of the “Minute Man”,  the Union 76 Oil Companies “Madmen Age of Advertising” character.  He is dapper in wearing his baseball gear with the appropriate amount of stirrup showing. Trust me, the peeps in the Uni-verse would notice.


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